Plain White T’s and

A couple weeks ago (that’s how behind I am on this whole blog nonsense) was’s 11th anniversary/birthday party. This year’s entertainment was the Plain White T’s. You know, Hey There Delilah and One, Two, Three, Four. Ya, you know em. reserved Saltair for the event and even gave us all free drinks, which couldn’t have been cheap. While I’m not a huge PWT’s fan, I went for the sake of hanging out with my super awesome coworkers and just getting out the house.

It was fun. Cheesy at times, but fun.

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  1. i’m jealous. even though you had some questionable moments and it wasn’t all amazing, i’d love to go to a concert again. dang motherhood! haha. no but, looks way fun. thanks for stopping in too! i tried to email you but couldn’t find your email, sad day! 🙂
    Yours Mine and Ours

  2. Even though “Hey there Delilah” makes me want to shove something sharp into my earholes, the free drinks may have made up for it.
    I’m impressed that your employers know how to party, I usually end up drinking at work, though it’s not exactly sanctioned….. 🙂