Fashion Night Out Event: Why celebrate once when you can celebrate twice?

One of my favorite things about fashion is that it’s utterly personal. Everyone interprets and depicts fashion in their own way and there is no wrong answer. Sure, everyone loves a good “Do” and “Don’t” feature, but if people are choosing the fashion and style that they feel best portrays their personality, then there really is no wrong way.

Salt Lake City’s In Magazine hosted another event by the name Fashion Night Out on Friday night at the Gallivan Center downtown. And this one was all about local fashion. There were two runway shows that each featured multiple local designers and local stores showcasing the best that Salt Lake City has to offer in way of fashion.

(Once again a Sophie St. Claire piece stole my heart. I need that black and blue dress!)

Midday DJ Marci from X96

The great thing about this event is that it really brought out the masses (thanks in large part to the affordable ticket price, I’m sure). Everyone from the fashion-obsessed to the slightly interested gathered to catch a glimpse of what the Utah fashion scene had to offer. This event was definitely a step in the right direction for making fashion accessible to everyone.

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