Fashion Illustration Friday – Sheer panel skirt

A commenter on this post mentioned that sheer panel clothing would be hard to pull of in a casual setting. It definitely does tend towards a dressier look. And “casual” is certainly relative. For me, “casual” is anything I can wear to work and not get a million “Oh, going out after work?” questions. Since there are few things I love as much as a pencil skirt and slouchy teeĀ combo, I decided to go with that to see if a sheer-panel skirt could be dressed down a bit.

fashion illustration, sheer panel trend, pencil skirt, slouchy tee,Admittedly, the sheer is still a bit on the dressy side. And while I think I could get away with something like this at work, I would probably get a few comments. It might be more suited for a GNO. I also think I’ve decided on this skirt as my first start-to-finish project I mentioned before.

What do you think? Should a sheer-panel skirt be saved for the weekends? Or do you work in an environment where this would be completely reasonable?

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