Municipal Ballet Co. Brings Fresh Style to the Salt Lake City Dance Scene

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I first met Sarah Longoria when she modeled for one of my Fox news spots. Sarah is an extremely talented ballet dancer and the current artist-in-residence at Sugar Space. She created the Municipal Ballet Co. as a way to break down the cliches about ballet being stuffy or elitist and introduce more people to ballet as an approachable and expressive form of dance.

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The debut performance featured several beautifully choreographed and performed dances in the Sugar Space building. This intimate space provided a very unique experience. Unlike other ballets I’ve been to, the four (packed) rows of seating allowed you to see a new side of the performance. You could clearly see the facial expressions of the dancers, the small details of every move. You could hear their breath and the sound of their feet swishing across the floor as they moved. All these things combined to create an experience you couldn’t help but fully feel and get lost in. And at a mere $12 admission it was some of the best money I’ve spent recently.

If you’re ever looking for a stylish night out, keep an eye out for the Municipal Ballet Co.‘s next performance. I guarantee I’ll be there.

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