4 ways to take winter style up a notch

salt lake city winter style ideas leather pants

In winter, my style tends to get a bit repetitive. When my main focus is simply trying to stay warm, creativity is almost always the first thing to go. My personal style leans towards minimalistic at best, so my daily winter combo of boots, skinny jeans, sweater, scarf, and coat starts looking pretty boring, pretty fast.

As someone who becomes violent when she gets too cold, sacrificing warmth for style is not an option in winter. Frankly, we’re all lucky I don’t wear thermals layered under sweats every day. But that’s not to say the desire to look stylish leaves me in winter. On more than one occasion, after the delirium of the freezing cold has left me and I’m safely indoors again, I’ve looked at my winter uniform and thought “Well, that’s very blah.” Which, let’s face it, doesn’t do anything to help the “blah” that cold temps and lack of sunshine can bring on anyway.

Since I’ve (mostly) accepted the fact that winter isn’t going anywhere and I’m not moving to a warmer climate, I’ve come up with four easy ways to elevate my outfits from survival to stylishly warm.

Black tights

salt lake city winter style ideas black tights

The first thing I’m going to try is probably also the simplest. I generally completely forget the existent or skirts and dresses in winter, but I’ve also forgotten about sweater tights or fleece-lined leggings. Opening up my winter wardrobe to include the skirts and dresses in my closet immediately increases my options. I love easy.

Leather skinnies

salt lake city winter style ideas leather pants

I recently bought a (faux) leather jacket and I’m pretty impressed with how well it cuts the arctic wind. I don’t know if leather skinnies have that same effect, but they are high on my list of things to own this winter. They’re the perfect option since they’re as versatile as normal black skinnies, but they add just the right amount of interest to elevate the look of a simple chunky sweater and boots. Basically, lazy-girl style, which is right up my alley.

Faux fur vest

salt lake city winter style ideas fur vest

This is one of those items that I fell in love with a couple years ago but kept putting off purchasing because it never felt practical enough. But if you get the right cut and style it could be something you grab for years to come. I particularly like the look of a fur vest over a slim coat or leather jacket. Everyone knows layering in winter not only keeps you warm but looks great, too. And a fur vest is just begging to be layered.

Bright outerwear

salt lake city winter style ideas bright outerwear

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I spend more time in my winter coat than out of it. Especially when you factor in freezing office conditions (seriously, when is someone going to master office climate?). Since a winter coat just covers up all your hard work underneath anyway, why not make the coat the statement piece? I currently only own a grey pea coat, which I love, but on those days when my winter uniform is all I can muster, a great, bold coat could really keep me from feeling like a sartorial failure. Max impact with minimal effort. Now that’s my style.

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  1. You sold me on the statement coat! I will be on the hunt shortly after 4 today when I leave work! Ps for reals on the office climate! Im not the only one that thinks that!