salt city style, new year's even outfits

Emily’s Picks

I call it my “When Harry Met Sally” ideal: A NYE party in a ballroom full of attractive people dressed to the nines, dancing and making witty repartee, a glass of freshly chilled champagne in my hand. And when the clock strikes 12, confetti and balloons fall from the ceiling while everyone cheers and couples share a New Years kiss.

I have yet to come across this dream party, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try to dress the part. When I look for something to wear for a New Year’s party, I think sequins. The great thing about a dress covered in silver sequins? No accessories required. Pair it with colorful pumps and you’re set.

salt city style, new year's eve outfit ideas

Sometimes December 31st calls for a less attention-grabbing number. In those cases, I rely on a little bit of lace for a feminine, casual but fancy look. Throw in some glitter nail polish and it’s time to celebrate the new year.

salt city style, new year's eve outfit ideas

Rebecca’s Picks

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, some might say I’m doing it wrong. My usual New Year’s is quiet, spent at home with just a handful of friends and family. And while I like a nice quiet evening at home, that doesn’t mean I don’t dress for the occasion. Even when I stay in, I still like to break out a bit of sequins. Add a cropped sweater, some leopard flats and gold nail polish, and I feel festive enough to ring in the new year.

salt city style, new year's eve outfit ideas

If someone does manage to talk me into venturing out into the wild on NYE (usually with the promise of delicious food and drink), I like the way combining a lace mini dress with a chunky cable knit sweater let’s me look dressed up while staying comfortable and warm. Add some red lipstick, nail polish and a nice glass of red wine and you’ve got the perfect mix of cozy and sexy.

salt city style, new year's eve outfit ideas

Jen’s Picks

I love dressing up for the holidays. But with the daily 9-5 and a 6-year-old to boot, there aren’t many times I get to dress in sparkles and nerve-pinching shoes (oh, the pain we endure for footwear). That said, NYE is one of those rare occasions I like to pull out all the stops.

I LOVE all things gold, and the sheer cutouts on this dress are super on-trend. I plan to pair it with said circulation-killing shoes, with the addition of padded inserts to the toe. The dress sparkles enough on its own, so a simple bracelet and a bold burgundy lip are enough to compliment this stunning look.

salt city style, new year's eve outfit ideas

If my plans change and I stay in with friends or family, I’d go for some cuffed, high-waisted bottoms, a crop top, printed open-front sweater, and a blingy necklace for a look that’s as festive as it is cozy. And forget the heels; these olive suede ankle boots are as comfortable as they are cute.

salt city style, new year's eve outfit ideas



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