new years resolution ideas

I love planning. More than I should probably admit. And I love goals. But when it comes to resolutions, I’m disillusioned. New Year’s resolutions just can’t seem to shake that feeling of impending failure. If it wasn’t bad enough that only 8% of people are successful in their goals, most resolutions are centered around fixing something that’s “wrong” with your life. Changing or stopping something you’re doing. If you ask me, that’s kind of a downer way to start the new year.

However, I’m only human. And I just can’t resist the allure of trying to make the shiny new year ahead of me better than the last. Only this year I’m doing something a bit different.

new years resolution ideas
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I fairly recently discovered that I enjoy running. Not in that “I’m so addicted to running” sort of way, but more in the sense that when I finally do talk myself into getting off the couch and working out I actually like it. And while this tank top accurately describes my running abilities, it’s still nice to have found a workout that I can stick with.

So this year, instead of resolving to stop doing something or change something, I’m committing to keep running in 2014. Starting with the Freeze Your Dash 5K run this morning. I might freeze to death, but I think it’s the perfect way to start the new year on the right food (pun intended). I don’t know about you, but  resolving to keep doing something good seems like a much more attainable goal.

So, let’s hear it. Anything good you were doing in 2013 you want to make sure and keep doing in 2014?

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