salt city style, january style picks, winter survival

For me, January is all about survival. It’s right around this time every winter that the glow of the holidays has completely faded and spring feels like it’s so far away it may never come. The days are so cold, short and dark that even my mid-month birthday isn’t enough to make me feel better about the dregs of winter.

Sounds a bit extreme, right? It probably is, but for someone who has lived nearly her whole life in Utah, I’ve just never acclimated to winter. I know many people would think it’s a complete waste that I live so close to word-class ski resorts and I don’t take advantage. But I’ve never learned to ski and nothing makes me a more unpleasant person to be around than being cold and wet.

So here are my January picks to help me stay warm, distracted and generally a bit happier with life.

salt city style, january style picks, winter survival

1. This great pair of sweatpants perfectly combines my general love of all things loungewear with the bad habit I have of hitting the snooze a few too many times in the morning. Throw on a pair of black heels and a simple black sweater and I’m ready for work before the coffee even has a chance to hit my veins.

2. Is there anything more delightful than a cozy pair of socks? My feet are rarely bare in winter and these chunky, knit, live-in-’em socks are just the thing keep my feet nice and warm.

3. An armband for my iPhone is a necessity to help me keep my New Year’s un-resolution of running. Whether I decide to brave the frigid temps to run outside or resign to running indoors, I’ve gotta have music to keep me going.

4. Since outdoor activities are generally a no-go for me, winter is the perfect time for reading (of which I don’t do nearly enough). I just started Gone Girl and I’m having a hard time putting it down. The fact that cozying up with a good book is a completely respectable winter activity is probably my favorite seasonal silver lining.

5. If I’m not at work or meeting up with friends, chances are you can find me under a blanket. I have a slight addiction to throw blankets, and I think something like this chunky, bright blanket is just bound to lift my spirits.

6. I wish my preference for physical notebooks was cool and ironic, but I honestly just prefer writing things down on paper to making a list on my phone. I’ve always been a sucker for fun notebooks, and this is the perfect way to start making my list of must-dos once the warm weather returns. (Which is has to, right?)

7. Winter, for me, is also crochet season. This winter I’m determined to master the art of assembling crocheted amigurumi. They are so cute and so fast to crochet, but I just can’t seem to properly attach the arms to the body. But I’ll learn. I’ll learn.

8. I’m not proud to admit it, but winter brings out the lazy in me. Which is why I need a pair of go-to, wear-with-everything ankle boots that I know will match whatever outfit I manage to pull together that day. Sure, these boots aren’t going to be a great choice for trudging through snow drifts, but who wants to do that?

9. Dry winter air tends to a number on my skin, but it definitely seems like my lips get the worst of it. This vanilla bean lip scrub is just the thing to fix those poor chapped lips.

If all else fails I’ll be the one huddled under a blanket chanting “Two more months. Two more months.”

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