Salt lake city bookstore, winter survival, King's English

Winter is cold and dark. These days I just want to curl up in a OnePiece onesie with a glass of cocoa (or whiskey, depending on the day) and read a good book. And about a week ago I noticed my “books to read” pile was getting smaller than is normal, so I decided to do some Winter Reading book shopping at King’s English.

Salt lake city bookstore, winter survival, King's English

It was, unfortunately, not until college that I first heard about the King’s English Bookshop. As an English Lit major, most if not all of my professors suggested we buy our texts for each semester at the locally owned book store, just a short jaunt away from the campus. I’m glad they did, because the first time I walked into King’s English, I realized that I had been missing out on one of the gems of Salt Lake City.

Located on the corner of 15th and 15th, King’s English is nestled in a quiet neighborhood and surrounded by a few great restaurants (Mazza and the Paris Bistro to name a couple). There is no hustle and bustle here. In fact, walking into King’s English is like walking into your bibliophile friend’s home.¬†Books line the walls of each room, the shelves nearly reaching the ceilings in some areas. The employees are some of the most friendly and helpful people you’ll ever meet in a bookstore, ready to help you find your book soulmate. It’s the kind of place you can imagine a grandmotherly type whisking herself from some hidden back kitchen, offering up a plate of freshly baked cookies.

You see, King’s English is more than just about selling books. It’s about the love of reading. The bookshop hosts plenty of book signings with renowned authors, there are often readings from authors local and afar (some of these readings have been known to include refreshments, which always gets a huge thumbs up from me). The store even hosts plenty of book groups. If you’re looking to join a book club, I strongly recommend one of the many that meet at King’s English. (Book group members even get a 10% discount off the book of the month.) I have my eye on the Books, Bites and Beverages group, perhaps even the Armchair Travel Mystery Group. Because if there is one thing I love more than bites and beverages, it’s a good mystery novel. Check out a list of all the events at their website.

Salt lake city bookstore, winter survival, King's English

The nice thing about King’s English is that it doesn’t matter if you are there to buy a book, to hear an author’s reading, for a book club, or even just there before your hot date at the Paris Bistro (yes, a bookstore is a GREAT place to begin a date,) it always feels like home. King’s English is the quintessential bookstore that every reader loves, and every reader deserves.

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