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Don’t let the look fool you. Like the best books, the Granary District shouldn’t be judged by its cover.  Extending from 6th South to 10th South, 3rd West to I-15, it’s obviously an older industrial neighborhood. A lot of the factories have been vacated, some of the warehouses have seen better days. But what the casual passerby may not know is that this Salt Lake neighborhood is one of the brightest up-and-coming areas in the valley. Though most of the older business have left the area, new entrepreneurs and artists are rushing in to fill the absence. The neighborhood already has some amazing restaurants, a few artist cooperatives, and plenty of ideas to turn what was once an aging  warehouse district into a new, diverse, vibrant neighborhood.

granery district salt lake city neighborhood

It seems that whenever I head to the Granary District, there is a new restaurant to try. Of course, there are a few restaurants which have been there for years. If you are looking  for a decadent, unique dining experience, check out Frida Bistro.  They serve some of the most inventive Mexican food I’ve ever had (try the Mango Habanero margarita and thank me later). And my favorite place to grab a quick treat: Ruby Snap Cookies, where you will find some of the best gourmet cookies in Salt Lake. I’ve had every cookie on the menu more than once, and I still can’t pick a favorite. Guess I’ll have to keep taste-testing.

ruby snap, cookies, granery district salt lake city neighborhood

But it isn’t all just about the gastronomical delights in the Granary District. Looking for a hip venue to see your favorite local or indie bands? Kilby Court has all you can ask for. It’s the oldest all-ages venue here in Salt Lake, and they often have shows seven nights of the week. If you haven’t ever been, it’s definitely worth a look.

The undeniable highlight of the Granary District renovation project is Granary Row. From June through November, the Granary District hosts a pop-up festival, complete with live music, delicious food, local vendors selling their wares, and a beer garden (or biergarten, if you prefer). The flavor is most definitely Granary: shipping containers come together to create stages and store fronts. It’s the neighborhood at it’s best; celebrating its past while storming into the future.

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