utah museum of contemporary art salt lake city

I have a complicated relationship with contemporary art. I usually find it either deeply fascinating and affecting, or it simply leaves me feeling confused. Like an inside joke I’m not in on. But that’s why I like the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) so much. Not only do they curate an great variety of contemporary art exhibits, but the staff is nothing but welcoming and engaging. If I ever find myself looking at a piece of art thinking “but… what?”, there’s usually an employee or volunteer nearby who will happily answer any of my questions (without making me feel ignorant).

When I first heard about the do it exhibit I was immediately interested. As opposed to a normal traveling collection where specific pieces are moved from gallery to gallery, the do it exhibit came in the form of instructions from 12 artists that were then recreated by local artists into the pieces on display at UMOCA.

“This exhibition is about revealing the nuances of human interpretation in its various iterations. UMOCA‚Äôs reenactment of do it is uniquely site-specific to Utah through the engagement with the community and use of resources available locally.”

Click through the slideshow below to see a few of my favorite pieces.

[slideshow_deploy id=’5687′]

do it will be on display at UMOCA through the end of May, and it’s definitely worth a visit.

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