summer cocktail recipes

I have this serious problem during the summer months called “all I want to do is sit on my patio and sip a refreshing cocktail.” Every weekend I manage to get the bare minimum done in regard to errands and chores before I plant myself outside with a good book to enjoy the sun. And yes, there is usually a cocktail involved.

One of my favorite warm-weather drinks is the mojito. The mixture of lime and mint is just the ultimate in refreshing, and it tends to be a fairly simple cocktail to mix up. Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with blood oranges (mostly because they’re gorgeous) so I tweaked¬†this recipe¬†from Martha Stewart Weddings and gave a blood orange mojito a try.

summer cocktail recipes

While it’s hard to top a classic mojito, this blood orange variation is a fun twist on a summer classic. It’s what I love about mojitos, they’re so easy to change up according to your mood and whatever summer fruit you’re craving. My next batch will likely be watermelon, which is probably my ultimate summertime fruit.

Any other mojito variations I should give a try?

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