summer dress trends, 2014 slip dress

I love summer. I’m one of those (likely obnoxious) people who professes her love for the season at every single opportunity. Warm evening walks. Grilling everything. Reading (or blogging) with a cocktail on the patio. Outdoor concerts. Farmers markets. The list of things I love about summer is what makes me forget about Utah winters, which is no small feat.

The only problem summertime poses is when the heat gets to a point that wearing real pants feel torturous. Even shorts can feel too constricting. That’s why the beloved maxi dress is everyone’s favorite warm-weather staple for feeling comfortable and cool in the heat of the summer.

However, this season the maxi dress has some serious competition as the summer go-to in the form of the slinky slip dress.

summer dress trends, 2014 slip dress

This 90s-era staple made a pretty significant comeback this season. And while slip dresses come in all lengths, I’m partial to the shorter variety. It’s nice to have more than one option when looking for something effortless and breezy to combat the summer heat. And there’s something about a slinky knee-length slip dress that is just perfect for a sultry summer evening out.

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