peach caprese salad peach tart

Have you ever gotten that moment of panic when you suddenly feel like you blinked and summer whirled past you? I had that moment this week when I was making these delicious peach and blackberry popsicles for work and realized I had only been to the downtown farmer’s market once. ONCE! In an effort to make up for some lost time, I figured I’d get serious about peach season.

peach caprese salad peach tart

Peaches are easily in my top three of favorite fruits and nothing really compares to local, in-season peaches. I had a pretty good idea what recipes I wanted to try with fresh peaches, so I picked up some Brigham City peaches (not that I’m biased, but they are the best), some heirloom tomatoes, and some fresh basil at the farmer’s market. And because no dish is complete in my mind without some cheese, I picked up some creamy French Roquefort and some fresh stretched mozzarella at Harmons.

The first dish I had in mind was a sort of peach caprese salad. I love all the classic flavors of a caprese salad, and the peach was a delicious addition. Next, I had been wanting to try a peach tart since I made the apple brie tart ages ago. I originally planned on using goat cheese, but I’m so glad I went with the Roquefort. The strong, salty cheese is perfect with the sweet peaches and a drizzle of honey. All in all, it made for a pretty fitting peach season meal. And a great way to celebrate the last weekend of summer.

peach caprese salad peach blue cheese tart

There are still a few weeks left of the Salt Lake City summer farmer’s market and I plan on making the most of the rest of harvest season.

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