fashion designers salt lake city

fashion designers salt lake city

Getting a sketch that looks great in my head also look great when I finally get it on paper always proves more difficult than I expect. My mind’s eye tends to be much more advanced than my sketching ability. This usually leads me to creating a sketch, hating it, spending three+ days figuring out exactly WHY I hate it, modifying the idea, then re-sketching.┬áThe cycle might repeat itself at that point until I’m finally 70%-ish happy with it. Cliche as it may be, I tend to be my own worst critic. But the definite upside of all the sketching and re-sketching is that it forces me to practice my fashion illustration skills. That and the feeling I get when I look at a sketch and finally know it’s right.

I used to hate sketching because I constantly compared my illustrations with others. If my sketches didn’t look perfect, I felt like it was pointless. Recently it dawned on me that my end goal isn’t fashion illustration. My end goal is fashion design. And, wouldn’t you know it, since putting less pressure on myself to be perfect I’ve actually been moderately happy with the sketches I produce.

Once I make my last handful of tweaks to my current fashion illustrations I’ll be starting the process of editing my favorite designs down to four to six pieces to focus on so I can start creating samples. While I can’t wait to have the finished product in hand, I’m working hard at being patient and finding joy in the entire process. Turns out developing patience as an adult is hella difficult. So, we’ll see how it goes.

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