best cocktail alternative

I hate being a cliche. But when it comes to overindulging during the holiday season, I’m afraid I’m guilty AF. In addition to all the treats and holiday parties, there’s just something that feels so right about curling up under a blanket next to the glow of the Christmas tree with a nice glass of wine or festive cocktail. Or two. Every night.

But the Christmas tree has been taken down now and after a month+ straight of that kind of hella-cozy behavior, it’s hard not to feel a little cocktailed out. But even when booze doesn’t sound particularly appetizing, there’s something about the ritual of mixing up a cocktail that’s so enticing. Which is why I have started stocking up on bitters from Bitters Lab.

best cocktail alternative

All it takes is a little fruit juice, a few dashes of bitters, and club soda and I have a light, refreshing drink that totally satisfies my cocktail craving. My personal favorite juice options are pomegranate juice or fresh blood orange juice, but it really works with just about any juice you have on hand. This little concoction will be my go-to until I’m feeling ready to pop open another bottle of wine. Which, let’s face it, will probably be sooner than later anyway.

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