Salt Lake City Fashion Designer Blouse

Salt Lake City Fashion Designer Blouse

This blouse design started as kind of whim. It wasn’t something I had designed or planned out, but more something that popped into my head and made me think “huh, that would be cute and quick.” And, well, here we are.

Salt Lake City Designer Process

I’ve been obsessing over the high halter-cut necklines lately, and I think it’s going to look particularly good with the looser silhouette. I’m also going with a slight hi-lo hemline. I considered going with a cropped hemline but decided that wasn’t terribly practical since I’d like to wear this to work. So I opted for a hi-lo hemline instead to get a similar feel to the shorter length in the front with a bit more coverage in the back.

Salt City Style Designer Summer Blouse

Now I’m just decided on the fabric. I originally wanted to go sheer but, again, I worry about practicality. So I grabbed a few fun options while visiting Mood Fabrics during a recent trip to LA. I’m excited to give those options a try and see what works. Expect an update soon!

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