Salt Lake City Mountain West Hard Cider

Salt Lake City Mountain West Hard Cider

I have been on a serious hard cider kick lately. I’m blaming the warmer weather. There’s just something highly refreshing about a slightly bubbly, slightly sweet, slightly dry, slightly alcoholic ice-cold cider. So I decided a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon was a little at-home tasting of Mountain West Hard Ciders! Because what else are Sundays for if not day drinking?

Here’s a little more about Mountain West Hard Cider. The company “sources only the finest local ingredients from the Mountain West region to craft every day, seasonal, and artisan award-winning hard apple ciders” and is a member of Utah’s Own. Sounds pretty good to me.

I grabbed a bottle of their flagship cider, Ruby, as well as the 7 Mile Session and Cottonwood Dry Hopped ciders. Then I made my husband taste them all with me because drinking alone is sad.

The first we noticed was that these ciders were less sweet than expected, which I really liked. The Ruby has a very light flavor. Possibly a little too light for my taste. But it is super easy to drink and I could see it being delicious in mixed drinks. The 7 Mile Session was a bit Sauvignon Blanc-esque to me, which I liked. And the Cottonwood definitely had a hoppy side to it. The fact that this flavor was a little on the beer side made it my personal favorite. I could easily see myself sipping on this one all summer long.

The one flavor I didn’t get to try was the Desolation Prickly Pear. I couldn’t find it in the liquor stores, so I’m just gonna have to hit up their downtown location to give that one a try because it sounds delightful!

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