Salt Lake City Nightlife with The Society Card

Salt Lake City Nightlife with The Society Card

I’ve heard rumor that Salt Lake City doesn’t have a nightlife. I mean, to be fair, we aren’t the biggest city out there. But if you can’t find something fun to do, you’re just not trying hard enough. If you need some inspiration, The Society Card might help. With The Society Card, you can get discounts and free entry to a number clubs, bars, and restaurants in SLC. 

They reached out to me recently to see if I’d be interested in checking it out myself and I was hella intrigued, so I obviously said yes. Now, I tend to be pretty low-key when it comes to nightlife, but that’s what I thought was cool about The Society Card. There are different types of deals and places for whatever mood you’re in. So here’s my ideal weekend hitting a few of the deals available.

First, grab dinner and drinks at Twist. You get 25% off dine-in food (one per Society Card) and their menu is pretty spot on. I especially love the fact that much of their menu is small plates and appetizers. They also have plenty of vegetarian options, which isn’t always easy to find. My favorite way to dine is to get a bunch of small plates to share among the table. Their drink menu is also great and super reasonably priced. Plus, they have a nice big patio and a really friendly staff.

Next, head over the Urban Lounge for a show. It honestly barely matters if you know what show in on the calendar beforehand because they always have great artists performing basically every night of the week. And the Society Card gets you two-for-one tickets the day of the show (so long as it’s not sold out, of course).

On Sunday morning, brunch is absolutely in order. And Piper Down offers 2-for-1 food purchases with the Society Card. Piper Down is one of my favorite brunch spots in Salt Lake City and if you haven’t been, I highly suggest going and ordering either the Breakfast Burrito or the Mess O’ Potatoes. Or anything really. And definitely get a bloody Mary or mimosa.

So, if you want in on all this fun, head over to https://www.thesocietyu.com/, get yours and get in on the nightlife in Salt Lake City.

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