SLC Local Designer Salt City Style

SLC Local Designer Salt City Style

This fabric and I are in a pretty serious love-hate relationship. The minute I came across it, I knew I had to have it. It’s got a great drape to it and the stripes are basically perfection. I actually regret not purchasing more when I got this because now I’m going to have to hunt more down.

What I didn’t expect was the fraying. My knowledge of fabrics still needs some work, because I was not prepared for how badly this fabric would fray while working with it. Because of its weave and drape, it was pretty easy to work with, particularly with the ruffling. But good hell. I spent just as much time trying to get the fraying under control as I did actually sewing the damn thing.

Every problem that arises is a good learning opportunity, right? With this one, I definitely should have either overedged first or used a French seam. In fact, when I use this fabric again (which will probably be very, very soon), I plan on going the French seam route. Partially because that kind of seam just looks so damned polished but mostly because I definitely need the practice.

All in all, there are definitely some things I’d like to tweak with this top, but overall I’m quite happy with how it turned out. And I still think this top would be fun in a sheer fabric, so I might try that at some point, too.

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