Art By Local Salt Lake City Artists

SLC Local Artists Gallery Wall

I finally, FINALLY, have the gallery wall in my office started. It’s been about a year in the making, but I had a very productive trip to the Salt & Honey market at The Gateway last month and picked up three more pieces to finish out my micro-collection. Thank goodness for prints because, let’s be honest, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford to support local artists. Now I have enough to create a little gallery wall and I’m really into it. Check out these gorgeous pieces by local Salt Lake City artists.

Art By Local Salt Lake City Artists

(Clockwise from bottom right)

I’ve admired Bacee’s Panda Propaganda work for a while now and knew I’d get one of his pieces eventually. This was actually the first piece of local art I got when a kickass friend of mine bought it for me at the flea market last year (or was that two years ago?). I loved the colors and have always thought the octopus was a fascinating animal, so I’m pretty stoked on it.

The next three are the ones I purchased at the Salt & Honey pop-up market at The Gateway. I went to that market with no intention of buying anything but these three pieces wouldn’t let me leave without them. The floral print is by Emily Fox King. I love the bright, lively colors and sorta-abstract feel of it. The small illustration caught my eye as I was leaving the market. It’s by Chloe Westenhaver and it’s so simple but so charming I couldn’t leave it there. The elephant print was just one of the many animal prints I wanted to get from this artist. Sadly, I seem to have forgotten to write down the artist’s info, so if anyone recognizes this piece please let me know. I’d love to properly credit the artist.

I won the horse-girl print during the fundraising auction after the holiday Municipal Ballet performance. I’ve never even entered, let alone won, an auction before so it was a pretty exciting night for me. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the artist who created this one, either. But it’s so whimsical and weird, I think it might be my favorite piece.

The small portrait of Iris Apfel by Izzy Fernandez is one I got at the Create + Resist pop-up shop. I mean, how could I pass up Iris, right?

My gallery wall is definitely not finished yet. I plan on adding more pieces as I find them, so if you now of any local artists you think I should check out, let me know in the comments.

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