Salt City Style Design Update

Salt City Style Design Update

This heat, though. I don’t know how anyone lives anywhere with hotter summers than Utah. Or colder winters, for that matter. I am a wuss. And the fact that the temperature is regularly getting above 100 is starting to feel oppressive. I’ve been rotating through my dresses lately because the idea of wearing long pants makes me want to die.

I’m being melodramatic, I realize. But is temperate weather really so much to ask for? Regardless, I think my aversion to pants is where this dress came from because it was also a bit of a design whim. I love a good midi skirt with side slits to catch what sweet little breeze I can get but the open back is what really gets me going. So much air circulation!

Open Back Midi Dress - Salt City Style Open Back Heat Wave Dress - Salt City Style

I’m actually really happy with this first muslin, so I’ve just got to choose a fabric and get going. I’m naturally drawn to black fabric but that does feel like it goes the entire heat-beating concept of this dress. We’ll have to see if I can break out of my comfort zone a little or if I just need to accept my monochromatic ways and hope for a good breeze.

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