Salt Lake City Ensign Peak Hike

It could not be more of a cliche, but damn. This summer is FLYING by. Too fast. Slow down! I feel like every year I look back at the end of summer and think of all the things I meant to do but never got around to. Near the top of that list, almost every year, is hiking.

Utah is known for its outdoor recreation opportunities. Sadly, as a general rule, I could not be less outdoorsy. While I am definitely one of those stereotypical girls who live for patio season, that tends to be the extent of my outdoor activities. But for the past three or four years, I’ve had every intention to take up hiking. I mean, walking is my favorite form of exercise (if you can call it that) and there are a plethora of quick hikes around Salt Lake City. So, hiking seemed like a solid way to take advantage of what Utah has to offer. And this year, I’ve finally started taking. Slowly.

Because I’m new to this whole hiking thing and am actively averse to anything resembling a workout, I’ve only done a few of the “easy” trails in the area. By easy, I mean I tend to look for hikes described as “kid-friendly” because if a small child can do it, I feel like I have less of an excuse to wuss out. Granted, these hikes tend to be busier because of their convenience factor, but I didn’t mind. So, here are three easy hikes in Salt Lake City for the workout-averse.

Cecret Lake Hike Salt Lake City

Albion Basin Wildflowers


Cecret Lake – The wildflowers along this trail are almost reason enough to go. Plus, it’s a pretty easy trail for 80% of the way. There are a few sorta-kinda steep switchbacks right before you get to the lake that I wasn’t mentally prepared for. But the lake itself is absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t mind bringing a little picnic and hanging out next time.

Sunset Hike to Ensign Peak

Salt Lake City Ensign Peak Hike

Ensign Peak – This one is best when it’s cooler outside since it’s just right in the valley. It’s a pretty steady little climb, but it’s short. And the view of the Salt Lake Valley doesn’t disappoint. Particularly at sunset.

Mill Creek Pipeline Hike

Salt Lake City Mill Creek Pipeline Hike

Mill Creek Pipeline Trail – This trail also isn’t very high as far as elevation, so it gets hot. But it is quite easy and you can go for quite a while if you want. You get some very nice views along the way and it is very convenient to the Salt Lake Valley.

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