Peach Min Shrub

It’s peach season, y’all. Maybe literally my favorite time of year. Well, second to the whole of fall, I guess. But still. I wait for fresh, local peaches all year long. And they never disappoint. The only real “problem” is coming up with ways to use them. I mean, besides simply slicing them and eating them fresh. Which is, obviously, the best way.


I’ve made shrubs (aka drinking vinegars) a few times before. They are perfect as a base for cocktails but are equally delicious simply topped with club soda. Because, as I’ve mentioned before, sometimes I want the ritual of a cocktail without the alcohol.

Summertime Peach Mint Shrub


I got some beautiful peaches in my Tagge CSA recently and decided it would be fun to try a peach shrub. I followed Food 52’s shrub (un)recipe and used natural cane sugar and white vinegar. I also added mint just for the hell of it.

Peach Min Shrub

You guys. It turned out SO good. It tastes intensely of fresh peaches with the perfect tang from the vinegar and just the right touch of mint. It’s perfect with just some club soda or tonic water, but it also combines beautifully with a shot of whiskey. I think this might be my favorite shrub so far. If you haven’t ever made a shrub, I highly recommend checking out Food 52’s recipe and giving it a try.

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