I finally finished the heat wave dress. This took me a comical amount of time. I’ve always known procrastination is one of my biggest personality flaws, but I think I’ve pinpointed the reason I always put off the final sewing of a garment. My sewing skills need some work, to say the least. And I know that when I sew my finished piece together, there are going to be parts of it I’m not going to be happy with.

This is counterproductive, of course, because the only way to improve my sewing skills is to sew more often. But my brain doesn’t always care for logic. So, instead, I put off sewing a dress for a solid month.

Salt City Style Heat Wave Dress

Salt Lake City Fashion Designer Heat Wave Dress

Luckily, I’m actually quite happy with how this one turned out. The open back turned out perfectly subtle and lets in some much-needed breeze. I also added side slits for some extra breeziness. I feel like it’s a solid summer dress perfect for date night. Now let’s just hope my next project doesn’t take me as long.

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