My Favorite Fall Uniform

Tomorrow is the first day of fall. Even though the season hasn’t technically started yet, I’ve already noticed something. Since the temperatures finally cooled down over the last couple of weeks, I have officially put my favorite fall uniform into full rotation.

One of the main reasons I love fall is because I can finally start layering again. All summer long, I put on an outfit, look in the mirror, and think “This would look so much better with a jacket.” But since I don’t want to literally overheat and die, I refrain. But now that it’s cooling down, I’ve definitely settled into my groove.

My Favorite Fall Uniform

I’m a fan of jackets of all kinds, but I admit this jacket is definitely my favorite. I mean, the color, the pockets, the tie waist, the collar. I love everything about this jacket. Which means I wear it way too often. I’m talking nearly daily. For the most part, my favorite fall uniform basically consists of this jacket, a light slouchy sweater or tee, jeans, and booties (open-toe until it starts raining, of course). I’m nothing if not predictable, but it also makes getting dressed in the morning much easier. Once I get that A-line skirt of mine done, I’ll work that into the rotation to spice things up.

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