SLC Designer Salt City Style

I’m particularly proud of this piece. Not because of the way it looks, though I am quite happy with the way it looks. But because this skirt REALLY tested my patience. I have always had a tendency to get very impatient when a project I’m working on hits a rough patch. Whenever it feels like I’ve hit a wall and things aren’t going like they’re supposed to, I have a bad habit of moving onto a new project. Starting new projects has just always been more fun than finishing projects.

SLC Designer Salt City Style

With the first draft of this skirt, I really thought I was onto something. I knew what I wanted and even my first muslin draft seemed to turn out great. But when I made it out of the final fabric, I kind of hated it. I just wasn’t right.

I really wanted to scrap the whole thing and move on to something shiny and new. But for once I forced myself to see this idea through. So I basically started from scratch and I’m glad I did. This new version of the asymmetrical A-line skirt turned out pretty great. And on top of that, I feel GREAT about overcoming one of my least favorite┬átendencies. Well, for now at least.

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