I’ve been on a bit of a sketching bender lately. When I want to just get a bunch of rough ideas out really fast, I tend to use a croqui template. I’m still not a fast sketcher. It’s much easier to use a template to sketch out new ideas and concepts before I commit to them. Especially considering the time it takes for me to sketch them properly.


It’s been a while since I’ve sketched much but Utah Fashion Week recently made some announcements about their bigger-and-better-than-ever fashion week happening in September. It sounds like it’s going to be an even more incredible event than years past. My goal is to be able to participate in their “up and coming” shows next fall. So I’ve got to get serious about a collection so I’m ready when they call for submissions. It sounds like it would be a hella fun experience.

I have been trying to let myself sketch stuff out without over analyzing or judging what I’m sketching. I tend to try to over edit myself before my ideas are even fully baked. But since most of my good ideas come from not-so-good ones, I need to just get ideas on paper as quickly as possible in order. That’s how I get the good ones to surface. Hence the croqui template.

If I had to sketch all of those out from complete scratch, it would probably take me a month. I’m not kidding when I say I’m SLOW at sketching. But with this method, I have already found a bunch of ideas I’m really happy with. And some cool themes are showing up that I think will make for a pretty solid collection. Now I just need to get my slopers fixed once and for all so I can start making shit come to life!

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