I don’t do resolutions. Even though I love the feeling of newness and opportunity a new year brings, I hate setting myself up for failure and that’s what I feel like resolutions are. Because honestly, if I haven’t been working out for an hour every day in the months leading up to January it seems unlikely that I’ll suddenly become a workout junkie just because it’s a new year, right?

Instead, I like to focus on the good habits I started over the last year that I want to continue into the new year. It just feels much more positive to me. So here are the 2017 habits I plan on bringing into 2018.

My 2018 New Year’s Perpetuations

More Meat-free Cooking

From health to climate change, there are plenty of reasons to eat more veggie meals. My pseudo-obsession with meat-free meals started when I was searching on Pinterest for warm grain salads last winter. Since then, they’ve become my go-to lunch option.


Technically I started this habit in 2016 when I was working in actual hell. But I kept it up last year and definitely want to keep keeping it up this year. I only manage to do it a few times a week but I notice such a huge difference even meditating that irregularly.

Meal Prepping

As much as I kind of hate to be “that guy”, I am not exaggerating when I say that weekly meal prepping has been life-changing. I spend a few hours on Sundays chopping veggies, cook up some quinoa, grill some chicken, make a meal or two that provides good leftovers, all that. Then I have lunches and a few dinners taken care of for the week and basically feel like a total boss.

Midday Walks

I hate working out. Completely hate it. Always have. But I love walking. And ever since it’s been too dark and cold to walk after work, I’ve taken up walking during lunch. Not only does it count as exercise but the break in my day is basically the best.

So, yeah, 2017 wasn’t too bad as far as some good habits go. If I can pick up a few new good habits in 2018 I feel like I’ll be doing alright.

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