SCS Design Update: Revised Slopers

I hate having to start over. Patience has always been something I struggle with and having to start over from scratch always tests what little patience I have. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t have a choice.

SCS Design Update: Revised Slopers

I realized recently there was something wrong with my current set of slopers. Pieces I created using them just kept coming out off. My bodice and skirt slopers didn’t even match up to make a simple dress, for crying out loud. I tried troubleshooting some things. But no matter what, I kept coming back to the fact that my slopers simply needed to be recreated. But the idea of having to make a new set of slopers filled me with so much dread. So I just procrastinated. And procrastinated. For the better part of November and December, in fact. I blamed it on the holidays because it’s a pretty legitimate excuse. If I’m being honest, though, I just couldn’t bring myself to scrap all the hard work I felt I had done and start over.

Over the holiday break, I finally decided it was time to buckle down and get those damned things done and over with. If I’m ever going to be ready for Utah Fashion Week I’ve got to have a solid base to start from, right? I have a feeling Fall 2018 is going to get here faster than I think. And since the new year is all about motivation, it seemed like the right time to get my shit in order.

So, I’ve got a new bodice, skirt, sleeve, and pant sloper and I’m just finishing up a shift dress sloper. I need to make some test muslins out of all of them this week. Just to make sure things are looking good. Then I can start actually working on bringing some of my new designs to life, which is the fun part.

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