winter veggie chowder recipe

Soup is one of the few things I look forward to when it’s cold out. For someone who has lived in Utah her whole life, I really don’t manage well in the winter. Let’s just say I spend a lot of time under a heated blanket. And any time I’m not spending under the heated blanket is usually spent in the kitchen making some form of comfort food. Like this winter veggie chowder.

winter veggie chowder

I’ve been trying to do more with winter vegetables lately and this winter veggie chowder totally fit the bill perfectly. I found it on The First Mess, which is easily one of my very favorite food blogs. I didn’t have the exact veggies one hand but that’s the beauty of this recipe. It basically works with just about any winter veg combination. I didn’t have celery root but I added some leeks and potatoes to make up for it.

winter veggie chowder recipe

Also, am I the last person to realize how delicious crispy roasted cabbage is? Because hot damn. I want to add that to basically everything now.

To top it all off, this soup actually freezes beautifully, so it’s perfect for making a double batch and freezing in individual servings for lunches. Plus, it’s literally chock full of veggies so I feel extra good about myself when I eat it. Eat this under a heated blanket and winter is almost bearable.

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