fashion designers salt lake city

Getting a sketch that looks great in my head also look great when I finally get it on paper always proves more difficult than I expect. My mind’s eye tends to be much more advanced than my sketching ability. This usually leads me to creating a sketch, hating it, spending three+ days figuring out exactly […]

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Fashion Illustration Friday – Sheer panel skirt

A commenter on this post mentioned that sheer panel clothing would be hard to pull of in a casual setting. It definitely does tend towards a dressier look. And “casual” is certainly relative. For me, “casual” is anything I can wear to work and not get a million “Oh, going out after work?” questions. Since […]

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Fashion Illustration: Art for my office

I found myself lost on Etsy today browsing all the fashion illustration art for sale. I’m looking to find some pieces for my office and was a bit overwhelmed with the selection on Etsy. There were a few pieces that really caught my eye and I think they’d look pretty fabulous in my office. Looking […]

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